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We Are In The Business Of Helping Brands Big And Small Dominate Their Market Online.

Growth Hackers On A Mission

Not all agencies are equal and not every campaign delivers results. With over 10 years of experimentation and a track record in the digital space, we have refined our approach to digital success by focusing on the elements that truly matter.

A History of Digital Success Born From Passion & Curiosity

Our story started in 2007 when founder George Zhu swan-dived into the SEO space and learned from industry leaders on how to structure and execute highly profitable digital campaigns. Forming a strike team of 5 digital practitioners, Amebae was established to help businesses achieve online through strategic insight and flawless implementation.

We Bring Agility & The Growth Hacking Mentality To Our Clients

Every client brings with them unique challenges and different objectives. At Amebae, we recognise there is no pre-packaged solution that can deliver the best results.

Working together closely with our clients, our consultants will clearly define the challenge while our technical team helps to chart the best way forward, with every step customised meticulously.

With our full stack capability, we create customised solutions for SEO, paid advertising and social campaigns to truly unleash the power of digital for our customers.

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Find the fastest path to organic growth guided by best practices, technology and over 10 years of hands-on industry experience.

Empowering businesses to make better decisions by turning data into meaningful information through the power of analytics.

Digital content that gives brands a voice to cut through the noise and meet the needs of modern day users.

Developing and running cross-platform search marketing campaigns that convert high-intent shoppers into customers.

Result-driven advertising funnels on Facebook and Instagram to get the results you want from start to finish.


We Combine Strategic Thinking With Smart Execution


Your Audience


Your Business


Your Goals

Through our time-tested methodology, we go deep into understanding your customer persona, your business and your goals, allowing us to craft effective digital campaigns that drive quality traffic, genuine clicks and qualified conversions.

Reach your audience better and provide exactly what they want, when they want it and where they are looking. From customer acquisition to engagement and conversion, we deliver results.